Rental related Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent Agreement?

A rent agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant for a said term whereby a landlord gives a tenant the right to occupy his/her residential premises for a period.

How can I determine the rent of my apartment?

There are no hard and fast rules to determine the rent of an apartment. Rent of a property varies from area to area and from property to property. However, you can call us and we will certainly help you to find out the current local rents.

Do you own all the apartments you list on Findmyghar.com?

No, we do not own any of the apartments. Listed apartments are owned by different individuals or managing companies.

Do you charge fees?

Yes, we do charge fees.

What are the standard lease periods?

Standard leases are for a period of 11 Months.

How do I view a property?

Call our office at + 91 92894-92894 and we will arrange a property viewing for you (at a time of your convenience).

What documents do I need to rent out a property?

Tenant's Permanent Address Proof (Adhaar Card, Driving License etc.).
Tenant's Identity Proof (Passport, Adhaar Card, Company Identity Card, Driving License, Pan Card etc.).

(After we are done with the tenant's police verification and find everything to be ok then we go ahead with the process.)

Rental Agreement includes :
Terms and conditions.
Rental amount and security deposit amount.
Additional maintenance charges (if any)
Tenancy Period.

Are there any extra benefits to Landlords and Tenants?

Yes, we offer an array of services to Landlords and Tenants.

Benefits For Tenants
Free Family Holiday Package (2 Nights / 3 Days).
Free Rent Agreement.
Free Pest Control.
Free Family Health Card.
Free Vehicle Breakdown Service.
Discounted Packer and Movers.
Discounted Furniture and Appliances on Rent.
Discounted Handyman Services (Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician etc.).
Discounted Phone/Internet/DTH Connection.

We also offer discount card (for best deals, discounts and offers in India on shopping, food, entertainment, health etc) at a nominal rate.

Benefits For Landlords
Free Rent Agreement and Documentation Assistance.
Free Police Verified and Background Checked Tenant.
Option to choose a tenant.

Are pets allowed?

It totally depends on the wish of landlord. We will inform you (in advance) if pets are permitted or not.

New Project related Frequently Asked Questions

What you should keep in mind while buying a flat?

Locality - proximity to workplace, health care, educational institutions and recreational zones.
Greenery & pollution levels.
Super built up area, built up area & carpet area of the flat
Charges - Price, registration charges, stamp duty, maintenance charges etc.
Appreciation of the property.
Developer's track record.
Water & Power Supply.
Parking Space & Other Utilities.

What are the documents I need to check while buying property?

Title Deed/ Check for evidence of right to ownership.
Encumbrance Certificate.
Approval on the building plan and construction.

What documents do you need to register a new flat?

Completion Certificate, NOC from banks (No Objection Certificate), Sale Deed, Building Plans Approvals, NOC from the developer, PAN Card and Photographs.

What is meant by Super Built-Up Area, Built-Up Area & Carpet Area?

Built up area plus other common amenities areas such as corridors, lift, club, stairs, lobby, and stairs is known as Super Built Up Area.
The thickness of outer walls, balcony in addition to the carpet area is known as Built up Area.
The actual area to lay the carpet, actual used area of a unit or the area enclosed within the walls is known as carpet area. The said area excludes the thickness of the inner walls.

Do you offer home loan assistance?

Yes, we help you fetch a home loan for your dream home.

Do you offer site visits?

Yes, we do offer site visits .

What is Floor Space Index or FSI?

Floor Space Index (FSI) is the ratio between the total built-up area and plot area available. It is also known as Floor Area Ratio (FAR).
Permission obtained to build extra floor space by paying some premium is known as Premium FSI.

What is Stamp Duty?

The state government imposes tax on the agreed value or the market value, whichever is higher is called stamp duty. The buyer is required to pay the tax amount and the tax amount differs from state to state. The sale deed is considered void, if the buyer doesn’t pay the stamp duty.

Resale property related Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to check while buying a resale property?

Sale Deed, Occupancy Certificate, Encumbrance Certificate, Clear and Marketable Title, Latest Tax Receipts, Possession Certificate and Building Plan Approvals.

What documents do you need to get a resale property registered?

PAN Card, New Sale Deed and Photographs.

How could I verify the documents shown by the seller are geniune?

You can verify the projects approval from the sanctioning authority's office or the corporation.
You can verify the share certificate related to socities from the concerned society.
You can verify the ownership documents from the concerned sub registrar’s office.

What is the maintenance charge?

Maintenance charges are based on the area of the property. These charges are levied by societies on its members and could be paid either semi annually, quarterly or monthly.

What if the apartment is mortgaged?

If the apartment is mortgaged with a bank, the owner is required to obtain a document from the concerned bank stating that it will handover the flat documents to the buyer once the loan is paid fully.

The moment you transfer the said amount to the seller's account, the bank will release the flat documents with no-dues certificate. Money can also be paid in cash or through home loan.

I don't see my question in this FAQ list.

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